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When practicing enduro leisure or any other off-road sports, each and everyone of us has a particular role in the conservation of the environment so that everyone can enjoy it.

It is important to remember that we all have a responsibility towards the environment, to others and to ourselves. We all have the duty to generate minimum impact and to observe the principles of environmental protection.

The balance of each trail with its surroundings is unique, and our decisions and actions must take that into consideration in order to respect the environment. Misuse of your equipment can cause damage to the environment.

Good practices in enduro leisure preserve the environment and give us the privilege of continuing to enjoy the most diverse trails.

As recreational enduro riders, we must be aware of the possible impacts that the use of an off-road vehicle may have on the environment. Learning and teaching others the potential impacts on the environment, the benefits of responsible riding and of proper environmental ethics is key to the sustainable use of trails.

Always get prior information about the route you have chosen:

– Is the trail dry and suitable for endure riding?

– Are there any seasonal restrictions on the chosen route?

– How difficult is the trail?

– Are you prepared for the degree of difficulty?

– Is your vehicle compatible with the conditions of the trail?


Be alert and prepare for changes in altitude, terrain and weather conditions.

Check if your vehicle is properly equipped to complete the route with minimal damage to the environment..